During her recent Australian tour, I watched social media go wild as a number of gay men — some of whom I knew, many of whom I did not — posted their videos, memes and general adoration for Lizzo.

The US rapper once known as Melissa Viviane Jefferson has, not surprisingly, become both an ally and icon for the gay community. “My shows are very inclusive safe spaces for everyone, especially marginalized people, more specifically the LGBTQIA+ community,” she told Variety.

Personally, rap just isn’t my thing. I tried…

There is a difference between dogged perseverance and knowing that it’s time to give up.

All my life I’ve only ever wanted one thing: to be a writer.

Lots of people have the exact same desire, I know. The amount of hopeful authors out there seems to exceed aspiring actors…

There are bigger problems in this world, but one of the things that worries me is knowing I have friends whose handwriting I’ve never seen.

I’m aware that there is an entire generation who may never have penned, sent or received a hand-written missive in their lives, though a lack…

Mitchell Jordan

A semi-colon in the shape of a human.

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