There is more to me than my face

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Loving our idols from afar can be a very intense relationship

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Not everyone wants a life that resembles an upbeat pop song

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Moving to a new home can be daunting. (Photo by C Technical from Pexels)

Rapper Lizzo has struck a chord with many gay men. (Image courtesy of

During her recent Australian tour, I watched social media go wild as a number of gay men — some of whom I knew, many of whom I did not — posted their videos, memes and general adoration for Lizzo.

The US rapper once known as Melissa Viviane Jefferson has, not surprisingly, become both an ally and icon for the gay community. “My shows are very inclusive safe spaces for everyone, especially marginalized people, more specifically the LGBTQIA+ community,” she told Variety.

The Internet can be a lifeline for the lonely. (Image courtesy of

The editing process can be one of heart ache and frustration. (Image courtesy

Many gay men are battling with being alone. (Image courtesy of Pexels)

Dwindling or not, many people still enjoy letters. (Image courtesy of

More and more people are turning away from sex. (Image courtesy of

Mitchell Jordan

A semi-colon in the shape of a human.

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